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We Work for You and We Love Your Pets

At The Pet Clinic, we want you to be able to trust us and have confidence in our ability to take care of your pet. We know that your pet is like a family member. That's why we go out of our way to build close relationships with you and your pet.
We offer a variety of services so that you'll not find it necessary to go anywhere else for your pet's needs, including breed-specific medicines, life stage health information, nutrition, and vaccinations. Our location will become a second home for your pet and our staff will be like a second family.

Come in and See Us

Before we see your pet for the first time, we'll need all the information about your pet's health and what special needs they may have. Come in, fill out paperwork, and feel free to make an appointment to ensure that you have an opportunity to ask questions.

Some of Our Vet Services

  • Dental services - includes cleaning, taking care of infections, and regular checkups
  • Laser therapy - helps pets with pain like arthritis
  • Preventative health care - includes parasite control and comprehensive examinations, and vaccinations
  • Pet boarding - caring for your pet when you are away

We welcome new patients!

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Dental Health
Pet Laser Therapy
Breed Specific Medicine
Preventative Health Care
Pet Life Stage Health Care
Pet Nutrition
Pet Vaccinations
Pet Boarding
Visit us at 8195 Woolmarket Road!
“Very professional and helpful. Dr. Parker and her staff are caring and go above and beyond with both owners and the animals.”
- Ambrielle T.
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