Pet Laser Therapy

Effective Pet Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Can Be Your Pet's Saving Grace

If you notice that your older pet seems to be more run down than usual and isn't getting up to play, it may be suffering from arthritis. Laser therapy can come in handy for this because it takes away the pain associated with arthritis.

The cold laser is ideal and non-invasive. It stimulates cells and increases blood circulation. This helps in reducing the pain signals of your pet.

Pet laser therapy is FDA approved, and it can also be used to reduce inflammation. This is an excellent procedure to have around when you need it. At The Pet Clinic, we're happy to specialize in this service.

Pain Affects Enjoyment of Life

If you choose not to get your pet laser therapy, this can result in depression. Laser therapy has been proven to treat conditions such as wounds, skin disorders, arthritis, bone disease, healing of surgical wounds, oral diseases, ear conditions, sinus issues, and cystitis.

Our staff can help you find the best treatment for your pet. If that includes laser therapy, we're glad to provide and administer treatment.

Our Laser Therapy Can Cure a Myriad of Conditions

  • Back pain and joint pain
  • Sprain and strains
  • Disc disease
  • Manage pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increases mobility

Other Treatment Options for Pain

  • Anti-steroidal medications: These can potentially cause digestive issues after long-term use
  • Physical therapy: This can get expensive and doesn't always work
  • Holistic alternatives: These are not as effective as they need to be, if at all
As you can see, laser therapy is often the best option for your pet. At your next visit, ask Dr. Parker if your pet could benefit from laser therapy.

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